Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some Frequently asked questions that people have in mind, Hopefully you have it too. So, just roam through the questions and answers to get the answer you are seeking, or you can contact us for further query.

  • What is prTechnologies?

    “prTechnologies is a one stop IT solution company whose motto is to create the finest software/websites for its clients. Clients, who have providence & dreams but don’t have the development knowledge to make those imaginations existent. At here in prTechnologies, we respect Your Decision.”
  • What IT solution company means?

    IT solution provider companies typically handle some part of another company’s IT landscape and vary dramatically in the scope of their work. These technology providers usually work with small to medium enterprises (SMEs) or with larger companies that have relatively light IT needs.
  • Do I have to register at your site?

    It’s not mandatory to register at prTechnologies but if you want to get support over your current software or any kind of IT related problems, you can just easily sign up to our supportdesk and take a step to be a part of prTechnologies family.
  • Do Registration for support desk costs money?

    Signing up for Support Desk won’t cost you a dime but service cost may vary over your need and your choice of package as a customer.
  • How can I contact you?

    There are our various contact details above the website’s every page, you also can choose ‘Contact us’ option under the main menu of ‘Get In Touch’ option.
  • What payment methods do prTechnologies support?

    prTechnologies support any kind of payment method that is user is accustomed of. Credit Card, Debit Card, Skrill, PayPal etc. Also the payment methods will be visible at any kind of transaction. If the client is having problem in transactional process. Please contact us via ‘Get in Touch’ option or create a log at supportdesk.
  • Are there any way of international payments?

    Yes, our payment methods provides vast range of payment solution for the users. So, international clients don’t have to worry about the payment procedure.
  • May I apply for jobs apart from the range of jobs available at career page?

    We strictly prohibit this kind of activity, if you want to be a member of prTechnologies family please choose the right job role for yourself and join us.